I have always been curious with music. As a kid, I remember being taught how to play the ‘madhal’ (nepalese percussion) and the trumpet. However, guitar has always been my interest in particular. My parents did not buy me a guitar at a young age as they thought it was just a ‘rahar’ – meaning I will soon give up having just had an interest. Few older brothers had a guitar so whenever I went to their house, I would give it a go to jam. They obviously got mad at me for touching their guitar as they were too protective over it – it was expensively understandable though! However, these are a catalyst for me to be more dedicated in learing to play the guitar.

Soon when I was around 13/14 years old when I first got my guitar. My uncle decided for me that I will learn to play the guitar and the family wanted me to play in the church choir. So uncle got me a guitar from Brunei and boy, was I excited! Picking it up from Abingdon and driving it back to Doncaster was the probably one of the longest journey of my life – I literally couldn’t wait till I got home to jam it.

My first ever song that I learnt on the guitar was “Sora Barsey”. I literally played and sang that song on repeat till I realised, I need a life… Then I extended my musical knowledge and a cousin of mine moved into my town where I finally got a real tutor. Before he came, everything was self-taught via Guitar Tab and YouTube. From then on, I went onto covering songs and also composing my own songs in the hopes of maybe I will be recognised as an artist…

And by the way, in primary school I opted to learn music in the hopes of learning guitar however, trumpet was the only instrument available. So yes, this is why I played the trumpet which I quit in less than a year… My dad worked night shifts so as you may know, night shifts and trumpet practices does not complement at all!!!

So yeah, that’s really about it… I hope to share my messages through my music and make a positive impact. Stay tune and follow me for further updates 🙂


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