Unilever Supplier Qualification System


Unilever are very cautious in choosing their suppliers. They have recently introduced the Supplier Qualification System (USQS) where they invite the chosen suppliers through the procurement ogranisation to register with the USQS.

Unilever and the qualification system

The USQS allows Unilever to conduct their business with suppliers with ease as it enables them to standardise and streamline the way they engage with their suppliers globally. It indicates to Unilever that the supplier meets their standards where they show they are a reputable supplier which reduces stress and risk for Unilever. This way, Unilever are able to keep a better relationship with their supplier and possibly a long-term business too.

The USQS helps the Global Unilever Procurement Team to:

  • Identify approved suppliers for the products and services they want to buy
  • Better understand the potential risks of buying products or services in all geographies
  • Encourage improvements in supplier standards


The registration to the USQS is only via invitation, they will need to get chosen by the procurement organisation. They are also invited to join the USQS if they are a current supplier and are chosen to continue business with Unilever.

Suppliers will also benefit as much as Unilever. This is because, they will be visible with Unilever’s business unit enabling potential opportunity to start new connections as Global procurement will view the suppliers’ profile.

In order to benefit from this opportunity, the supplier must only enter their details once and then update at least once a year as long as it is up-to-date.

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